Launch Offer
Use the app free for life*
The first 100 life coaches and counsellors who create their public profile get to use Conslt free for life*.
*All features are free. Conslt will only retain a 2.5% card processing fee on card transactions made through the platform.
One app to run your online business
On the web On the web
On iPhone & iPad On iPhone & iPad
Public profile
  • Conslt advertises your public profile.
  • Schedule free introduction sessions.
Video Call
Video calls
  • No need to exchange phone numbers or Skype usernames.
  • Audio-only calls also available.
Manage appointments
  • Use the calendar view.
  • Send invites.
  • See when your clients have confirmed and paid for sessions.
  • Exchange messages and files.
  • Be alerted when clients accept sessions, make payments, complete tasks and fill in forms.

Track accomplishments
  • Send tasks to your clients.
  • Check their completion.
  • Create and send interactive questionnaires & contracts.
Get paid
  • Conslt handles card payments and Apple Pay for you.
  • The money is transferred to your bank account.
What is Conslt?
  • Conslt is an application (software) that helps you run your online business. It helps you acquire customers, interact with them through video calls, messaging, questionnaires and shared to-do lists, and be paid through the app via cards or Apple Pay.
What devices can I use?
  • Conslt is available for iPhone and iPad.
  • A web version compatible with Macs & PCs is in preparation.
  • An Android version will also be available soon.
How much does it cost?
  • Conslt is free to download for both clients and professionals.
  • Conslt takes a 7.5% fee on all transactions, plus a 2.5% fee for payment card processing. The first 100 professional public profiles will not be charged the 7.5% fee - for life.
  • There are no other costs.
What is my relationship with Conslt?
  • Conslt operates as a marketplace for online professionals.
  • Users that contact you through the app are your clients in the legal sense and you manage your relationship them, pricing, etc, as you wish.
  • You have the full legal responsibility of the relationship with your clients as well as your own legal status and taxes. You are also responsible for charging VAT if you are registered.
  • In summary, both the end client and the professional are users of Conslt. However the end client is your client, and you, as a professional, are our client.
Do I need to be self employed?
  • Conslt is just acting as a software or service that you and your client use to do business together.
  • You are not in any way in an employment relationship with Conslt.
  • You are responsible for compling with laws of your own country.
  • You can register as a company or as an individual as long as you comply with the laws of your country.
  • You are legally responsible for your relationship with your clients.
Can I set my own fees?
  • Yes, you price each session individually.
Can I offer packages?
  • Yes, you can charge the full package amount for the first session, and make the following session free.
How can I invite my own clients?
  • In the Message section, tap on the Invite users button, and you’ll be able to send invites to your contacts.
  • Your contacts will receive a link to download the application and a referral code.
  • When your contacts use your referral code, they will directly be connected to you and won’t have to find you in the directory of professionals.
How do I accept payments?
  • Tap on and fill in the Identity and Get paid sections.
  • Clients need to pay for sessions to accept them. They can use debit/credit cards or Apple Pay.
  • The amount, minus fees, is transferred to your bank account within 7 days (10 days for the first ever payment).
Can I refund a payment?
  • Yes, you just need to cancel a session. If it has been paid, the amount will be refunded.
In which countries is Conslt available?
  • Conslt is available for download everywhere.
  • You can register as a professional if you are a resident of any of these countries: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore.
  • Your customers can be in any country.
Can I accept payments in different currencies?
  • Your sessions will always be priced in your currency.
  • Foreign clients pay by card and their banks will convert the amount into your currency. Their bank may charge conversion fees that are outside of our control.
Which professionals can join?
  • Life coaches, language teachers and academic tutors can join now. Contact if you are in another profession and would like to join.
What can I say on my public profile?
  • You decide what goes into your about me and fees section.
  • You cannot put links, phone numbers or references to an external site.
  • You cannot use offensive or discriminatory language.
  • If you mention a qualification, make sure you also list it in the qualification section and upload a proof.
  • Conslt would contact you if you’re found in breach of this rules.
How do I show my qualifications?
  • If you have relevant qualifications, you can and should list them in the qualification section.
  • For each qualification you must upload proof, such as a photo of the qualification.
  • The photos are not displayed publicly; only the names of your qualifications are visible to the public.
Can Conslt intervene in the relationship between myself and my clients?
  • Conslt may assist in the case of disputes.
  • Conslt reserves the right to block clients or professionals who have been abusive to other users, or use Conslt in an illegal or inappropriate manner.
A question or a problem?
  • Connect support within the app or email