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About me

Firstly, I invite you to congratulate yourself for taking a step in the direction that will empower you and create outstanding results in your life. If it is me or someone else, you have taken the improvement of your life seriously. The first thing Bill Gates said when he did his Ted talks is "Get yourself a coach" Well along these lines. Why would one of the Wealthiest men on the planet say this!? I have had a varied career as an Entrepreneur, Volunteer in Africa, Actor and much more. I believe that we can be whatever we choose in our heart we really want to be. That nothing can stop you, only the limitations we have decided to take from others and believe it to be true. I have a mission to reach people globally to assist their development and to achieve anything they want in life. You could call me the Illusion Breaker, people tell themselves a story that ultimately they believe and have stacked so much meaning t it that it seems real. What I do is break that hold, whatever that maybe and allow you to see what is really happening around you. Once you see it, we can mould the reality you do want so that you can pursue your desires with a map designed specifically for you in the style that works for you. Self Mastery in all areas of life is my must and as I develop and gain knowledge in all areas I have a burning desire to share with others so they can begin to master theirs too. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I would love to help you on your journey to self-discovery and achieving amazing results. However what is most important is that you achieve this with or without me. Peace and love Alex Roseman


£400 a month DD for 2 sessions of 60minutes. You can message me as many times as you need on whatsapp and I will respond within 24 hours. We can discuss other options too.


United Kingdom