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About me

I am a health and well-being mindset expert and coach. Helping CEO's and managing directors regain their vitality, confidence and perception, so that they can create a great work-life balance and ultimately live a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle. I am the CEO of Simple healthy living, a mother of three and have studied nutrition since high school, through to university and college. And when it comes to balance I have learn't that the hard way. I am that mum who quit work because she couldn't balance work and life. I didn't realise that I was going to end up pressing self destruct, that the loss of my identity was going to live me depressed, un-aligned, losing my relationship and home, single and homeless with two little children... to a point where one day I lost the plot and almost lost my children. Through my life journey I have realised the plight of working mothers (parents) and my mission is to help them never end up struggling, never allow everything to collapse. Your identity, relationships with you r partner and children are absolutely important. I am going to help you find balance and alignment in everything in your life and ultimately improve the quality of your life and live happy every single day. I have created The Wonder Woman Programme, specifically designed to help your work life balance. It is a premium coaching package and it is very bespoke to suit the needs of your work, family and lifestyle. I am also the creator of The complete Natural Weight-loss course. a programme that even doctors are endorsing, because it truly is a complete course. Once you use this programme you need never try dieting or losing weight again.


Wonder Woman coaching programme is £3 500 ( or £249 per session) The complete Natural Weight-loss course is £1347.00


United Kingdom

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The advice and wisdom this service provides is so valuable. I can safely say this woman has inspired and guided me in so many ways to find a healthier and stronger mindset in order for me to gain a happier life. The concentration on self care and a healthy mindset that Simple Healthy Living offers and support on how to realistically implement it into your own life really does result in a better balanced life and opens the door to a happier life.

- Josephine Thomas. Huddersfield

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Thanks Charmaine, before our chat I had zero motivation and was contemplating going back to bed. 2 hours later I have done 45 minutes dance exercise, showered and ready to engage with my day. Don't nee to go back to bed anymore. keep up the good work.

- Cynthia F Ma. Manchester

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I do recommend Simple Healthy Living because of the simplicity of the programme. As Charmaine always says; find and deal with the root cause of stress then nothing will make you struggle. That is exactly what I am doing, and everything is working a lot better everyday.

- Johanna Mokake. Ireland