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Sheena has enjoyed success as a presenter at international forums in USA Milan and other international events. More recently at the BBC. Sheena appears frequently on radio shows, sharing her topic and winning strategies for business. As an author she was a contributor to " Global Impact Makers" this was voted a recent best seller. Sheena passion is to help you to become an established authority within your field means learning real world skills. In order to achieve the position of the go- to industry professional, you must be able to deliver a clear message, and strive to break through performance boundaries. " Become The Influential Public Speaker You Always wanted to be" Become Known as a Powerful & Credible Speaker Overcome debilitating nervousness and deliver a strong, flawless presentation. Sheena Walker reveals seven essential tips to help prepare you for your next keynote. Pitch PerfectTM Conference Business Speaking Sheena Walker is a seasoned inspirational speaker and performance consultant, introducing Olympic winning strategies to her clients— Champion making coaching plans and services for business, career, and life 8 Steps to a Great Presentation Sheena speaks to the importance of making a memorable impression on your clients, delivering clear effective messages to your audience, and how to stand out from your competition. Pitch PerfectTM One-to-One Speech Coaching The Pitch PerfectTM Guru system has been success secret of CEO’s, Sales Directors, Project Managers, and Entrepreneurs. Sheena Walker offers real time feedback, script improvement, and development of your personal speaking style. Pitch PerfectTM Public Speaking Training Learn powerful tools, and the practical concepts behind them. Expertly guided training is the blueprint for crafting world class speeches.  Masterclass in Public Speaking, Gleneagles Regardless of vocation or position in your industry, we all have moments where the spotlight is on us, highlighting our insecurities. Conquer the fear of public speaking while boosting employee moral, and gain investor support with us at GlenEagles Hotel, home of the Ryder Cup Sheena Walker — The Pitch PerfectTM Guru Sheena is an experienced and inspirational keynote speaker, famous for working from Milan to Scotland. Connecting with multicultural audiences while demonstrating proactive spirit, Sheena is an excellent example of how to attain your goals in a focused and organised manner. Pitch PerfectTM Courses What would great speaking skills do for you? The Pitch PerfectTM courses program is ideal for students, managers, coaches, consultants, and other business professionals. Learn more about our Fear Free Model and Boot Camp. Pitch PerfectTM Speaker System The entrepreneur revolution has created a paradigm shift where budding professionals can spot innovative opportunities and turn them into commercial success. The greatest asset to any modern business professional is strong, confident, and inspirational speaking.

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