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About me

I am a life and business coach. Helping people change direction in their career, their work or to set up a business so that they can create more time to spend with family, friends and ultimately lead a happy, healthy and balanced life. I am the founder and owner of a property and consultancy company. I've had a corporate career in both the public and private sectors in microbiology; sales and marketing; product development and programme management, and now coach and property investor, doing what I love. Life wasn’t always good, at one point I appeared to be doing well, with a successful sales career and living abroad with a good lifestyle. However, travelling every week to all corners of the globe, along with work pressure, this life started to take its toll on me. Sometimes being away from family and friends for weeks at a time, I felt disconnected, was often unwell and eventually came to the realisation this was not a life, it was more of an existence. Throughout my working life I’ve come to realise that many people feel trapped in jobs they don’t particularly like or enjoy or have fallen out of love with. Our work or means of earning money, whatever it is, matters to us and the people around us as we generally spend more hours with our colleagues than our partners, family and friends. If we’re not happy in our working life this can have negative impacts on the life we have when we’re not working. I am going to help you find the work that you’d really like to do or a way of earning an income maybe through a business, so that whatever it is, you can wake up in the morning feeling positive for the future. I have developed a 7 step coaching programme to help you find the options - often ones you may not have even thought of and get clarity of what is important to you. I will help you develop and guide you through a roadmap for the future to so that you can breakthrough to start to live the life you want, the way you want. It is a premium coaching package and is based on a unique approach I’ve created designed to suit your specific needs and what you want to achieve. Once you start, you’ll wish you’d started months or even years ago.

  • Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • Professional Business Coaching Programme
  • Expert Speaker Programme
  • Lettings Agency Management Course
  • Property Masterclass and Marketing Course
  • Property Sourcing and Deal Packaging

Initial 30 minute session is free The coaching programme is £1,497 +VAT for 7 sessions of 45 minutes each (can be held over weeks or months) Alternatively £249 +VAT per 60 minute session


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